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  • A Rare Breed

    I have been doing a lot of reading lately after a period last year when I did not touch a book. Mostly these books are related to science and published in the last year and I am devouring them at a rate of one per week or two. A recent one was very compelling and …

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  • Voucher roller coaster ride

    Its been a while since my last post here but its getting harder to find time between the 2 companies and writing grants. But one of the most interesting things I have been watching has been the roller coaster ride of the Pediatric Rare Disease priority review vouchers over a few years. The most recent …

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  • Getting to an in vivo active compound

    Its been an incredibly fast paced year and hence my posting frequency has suffered. Perhaps its time to get back to writing . Today we had a press release with SRI so that triggered me to fill in the back story. Rewind back to 2014 and the Ebola outbreak was in full flow – see …

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  • Drug Discovery Today Special Issue on Tuberculosis

    Today a special issue of Drug Today Today was published. I was  the editor of this issue and honored that so many colleagues from our European funded MM4TB and other European projects agreed to provide articles on their contributions to Tuberculosis drug discovery. Through collaborations I was directly involved in providing 3 articles and an …

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  • Leaving the nest – Looking for start-up co-working and incubator space

    I have worked from home for the better part of a decade either from my past location in PA or my present location in NC. Thanks to getting a recent grant, I now need to hire a postdoc and that means I can fly the nest (which in my case is my home). But with …

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  • Antimalarial being tested as possible Ebola virus drug -project started with a tweet

    Today we announced a new R21 grant from NCATS NIH awarded to Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc andTexas Biomedical Research Institute. This continues the work published in F1000Research . What is missing from the press release and papers etc. is the back story. Why are we working on this and how did it start. Essentially it took …

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  • OpenZika – PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

    After several months our article in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases is now out from embargo and published. A big thank you to my co-authors Carolina Horta Andrade and Alexander Perryman who have put a lot of their time into the project. I would also like to thank the reviewers for their constructive comments. We have …

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  • Zika Homology models paper makes it to PubMed >6 months after “Publishing” in F1000Research

    Who would have thought in February that when we submitted our manuscript on Zika homology models to F1000Research it would finally appear in PubMed over 6 months later. This was no where near as fast as our first article on Zika that took a few months to be approved and then appear in PubMed. What …

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  • Progress Through Partnership: The NINDS 2016 Nonprofit Forum

    Last tuesday and wednesday (Sept 13-14th)  I was very honored to be an attendee at the “Progress Through Partnership: The NINDS 2016 Nonprofit Forum“. My role was to provide an industry perspective on several panels (alongside Dr. Ronald Marcus, Cerecor). There were a large number of rare disease (patients or parent) advocates, academic scientists and …

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  • MM4TB and a trip to a new Miro Exhibit

      Occasionally I take a bit of a diversion from my usual science focused postings, this one has an artistic flavor. I am in beautiful Brataslava in the Slovak Republic for a few days for the final More Medicines for Tuberculosis (MM4TB) meeting. Every 6 months for the past 5 years we have had meetings of …

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