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Article visibility and open access : Making TB Mobile visible

Always it seems as scientists we are playing a fine line between being either “under the radar” presence and not over hyping our work and then also needing to be visible to collaborate, get grants and build our social reputation. A recent set of slides by Antony Williams highlights the importance of having an “online …

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ACS in Dallas. A quick talk on machine learning to model TB in vivo data

The last few days were a whirlwind. Friday I flew to New Jersey to visit a collaborator at Rutgers. A day filled with discussions on TB. Then Saturday I flew back to North Carolina to make final tweaks to my talk for the ACS. Sunday I flew to Dallas Texas, co- chaired a session on …

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TB Mobile version 2.0

One minute it’s submitted to the AppStore, then its approved and available already. It is amazing how fast these things can happen! Yes you are wondering what is it, well its TB Mobile version 2.0 *. When the Idea appeared to develop the TB Mobile app in 2012 I had no idea that we would …

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Predicting Targets for TB Phenotypic Screening Hits and Openess of data and models

So far the only readily accessible, free approach to predicting TB targets is TB Mobile developed for iOS and Android with Alex Clark. While relatively crude the app does allow look up and similarity searching of 745 compounds with known targets so it may help propose possible targets for a new compound. Obviously there are …

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