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The Necessary – a provocative vision of the scientific future

I was asked by Barry Bunin a few months ago to provide a short presentation on a vision for the future of drug discovery which I finally gave this week. After thinking about this for a while and chatting with a few friends including Alex Clark, – I wondered what was necessary in the future …

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R&D jobs in pharma are snow leopards – scientists must embrace social media now!

I was inspired by my friend Robert Moore to write this post. He had written back in October on how to find members of the C-suites at businesses, which are positions treasured by marketeers. He compared CEOs to snow leopards, a very rare species, that can be found if you are smart and know where …

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iDrug – intelligent drug discovery

I gave a little futuristic talk the other week. I made a few edits and a few more ideas to tighten its focus. Most importantly I have changed the title and scope. I think we are approaching an era I have called iDrug or intelligent drug discovery. I hope its self explanatory. I begin by …

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Forget the entrepreneurial side- just do interesting science on STTR/SBIRs

It is that time of the year again and it happens 3 times a year for those of us trying to get NIH science grants for a business. Yes, weeks of STTR and SBIR thinking, writing and rewriting is enough to drive you crazy. I have a few different systems to try to take the …

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TB Mobile version 2.0

One minute it’s submitted to the AppStore, then its approved and available already. It is amazing how fast these things can happen! Yes you are wondering what is it, well its TB Mobile version 2.0 *. When the Idea appeared to develop the TB Mobile app in 2012 I had no idea that we would …

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Working at the peripheries of science

Its Friday, the first full week back at work for 2014 and I am already pondering, (well mulling really) why I still do what I do. And the constant media attention for youth and success just needles me, especially for those in science. Yes I said goodbye to 30 a longtime ago, 40 a few …

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Crazy editorial control at ResearchGate

Some things just really annoy me to the point that I write them up as posts. This one is no exception. After literally hundreds of ‘spam’ emails in recent weeks from ResearchGate I felt the “pressure ” to actually look at the product and try to update it with my profile and papers etc..just in …

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