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Zika Homology models paper makes it to PubMed >6 months after “Publishing” in F1000Research

Who would have thought in February that when we submitted our manuscript on Zika homology models to F1000Research it would finally appear in PubMed over 6 months later. This was no where near as fast as our first article on Zika that took a few months to be approved and then appear in PubMed. What …

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Chemical probes and parallel database worlds – who wants to know? More publishing fun

    This post is long and a highly detailed description of the challenges involved in getting scientific work published on one level, on another it gets to the heart of discoverability of data, data analysis and just the slog of publishing something that you hope is going to interest others in your direct field. …

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Promoting younger scientists to editorial boards of journals

Today I realized I am in the fortunate position to be on the editorial boards of several journals and that I have a “voice”. Then I realized I am no longer a young scientist, I am 44..What about those that are doing their postdocs in their mid 20’s when do they get a voice in …

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Rethinking what I need in a journal and how I read papers

Last week I was invited at the behest of a major society (the ACS) that has lots of journals, to chat with a consultant – “The objective is to better understand the role┬áscientific publications play in the research community.” – that piqued my interest so I agreed. The discussion happened today, and I felt like …

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A priceless opportunity to submit an article on rare diseases

It has been a while since I posted something of note and in that intervening period as it happens some “opportunities” were put in front of me. Many of these have consumed my time, e.g. writing a year end report for a grant, a new collaborative project which spawned a couple of manuscripts, and of …

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What am I getting for free from the ACS?

Well today’s gift from my email inbox is as follows. I am not quite sure what I am getting for free from the ACS or even if this is something I would normally pay for. What makes this interesting is the work itself (will reveal all later) was not NIH funded nor in fact funded …

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