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Collaboration to find compounds active against Ebola

Our latest contribution to the Ebola literature came out today. A collaboration with Peter Madrid (SRI International), Robert Davey and Manu Anantpadma (Texas Biomedical Research Institute), Alex Clark (Molecular Materials Informatics) and Joel Freundlich (Rutgers). Last year I posted a few times on Ebola here, here  here and here. This interest all stemmed from some …

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Accessing gene expression-small molecule databases funded by the NIH or others

So here is a challenge which I am sure many people face. An academic does an experiment and finds a particular protein A-protein B interaction in vitro which may be important in a disease. How do you go about finding molecules to test experimentally that might up or down regulate protein B  ? Fortunately there …

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ACS session summary – Neglected and Rare Disease Drug Discovery Needs Open Data

Here is a summary of the session Co-chaired by Sean Ekins, Antony Williams and Joel S. Freundlich at the ACS on Sunday. The session consisted of 3 presentations and 1 no show. The first talk was given by Sean Ekins (Collaborative Drug Discovery) entitled “Looking back at mycobacterium tuberculosis mouse efficacy testing to move new …

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Presenting Data Versus Sharing Data Openly

Sometimes you read things that you know are amiss and wonder whether journalists actually check their facts. This happened to myself and Antony Williams. We both read an Economist article published in December which we believed had made an important mistake about sharing data openly. We did the right thing, wrote to the editor. Here is our letter …

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