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iDrug – intelligent drug discovery

I gave a little futuristic talk the other week. I made a few edits and a few more ideas to tighten its focus. Most importantly I have changed the title and scope. I think we are approaching an era I have called iDrug or intelligent drug discovery. I hope its self explanatory. I begin by …

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TB Mobile version 2.0

One minute it’s submitted to the AppStore, then its approved and available already. It is amazing how fast these things can happen! Yes you are wondering what is it, well its TB Mobile version 2.0 *. When the Idea appeared to develop the TB Mobile app in 2012 I had no idea that we would …

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Interview for Scientific Computing World

A few weeks ago before the SLAS meeting I was invited to give a phone interview with Robert Roe at Scientific Computing World. I think he has accurately captured what I said and presented at the SLAS meeting. I would recommend reading the brief article. I really hope we can inspire others to create more …

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One day at SLAS – and the disruptive app as an ELN

So due to family travel limitations I was only at the SLAS meeting this year for a day (Monday) and I am very grateful for them waiving my registration to be there. In that time I gave the talk on mobile app workflows and presented a poster. I also attended the meeting last year, and …

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SLAS 2014

On Sunday I will be heading to the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2014 meeting in San Diego. It will be a very quick trip to give a talk on Monday “Cheminformatics Workflows Using Mobile Apps for Drug Discovery” followed by a poster in the afternoon “Dual Response and Dataset Fusion for Machine …

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Why are some companies slowly developing mobile apps ?

If you follow this blog, you will already know I have a bit of an interest in mobile apps for chemistry and science in general. This is through having ideas like Green Solvents, Open Drug Discovery Teams and TB Mobile  (which are all free apps) and then getting a great developer like Alex Clark involved that knows the …

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