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Whats holding back biopharmaceutical research in the USA?

Wow what a week.. If you were a fly on my wall in my virtual science office you would be blown away. My email has seen it all, my phone conferences have been blistering. But I am about to join the dots – and please give me some leeway, I may have stumbled on to …

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Observations on big and small collaborations

Its been a pretty hectic year to date with several grants coming to their conclusion and the need for writing up final reports and manuscripts. In addition it has provided just a little time for reflection. Pretty much everything I am involved in is a collaboration of some sort so I am just a tiny …

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Entrepreneurship, Grants and all at BIO2014

Having just returned from a 1 day trip to San Diego for the BIO2014 meeting. I was honored to be part of the session called “Mining for gold – creating business opportunities from publicly funded collaborative research”. This session was organized by Dr. Kai Torbjoern Ingemansson (Principal Scientific Officer, European Commission). I gave a talk …

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Dispensing paper – many views but what about impact?

Back in early May the paper with Joe Olechno and Antony Williams was published in PLOS ONE and got a bit of exposure. This lead to a few posts here and elsewhere as it got picked up by others. My absence from this forum / outlet for a few months has enabled a bit more …

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