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1 year ago today..I published in PLOS ONE

Today marks the anniversary of my first paper in PLOS ONE with Joe Olechno and Antony Williams (Dispensing Processes Impact Apparent Biological Activity as Determined by Computational and Statistical Analyses). This was quite an event probably for all the wrong reasons in that the evolution of the paper was shaped by rejection after rejection elsewhere …

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Journal editors add more balance than needed – provides marketing windfall

Just when you think the year is going to end without having to get drawn into some additional discussion on publishing.. well it happens.. I get an email today that the article a (very nice) journalist, Vivien Marx had written for Nature Methods “Pouring over liquid handling” was now published. Lets get this straight at …

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Dispensing paper – many views but what about impact?

Back in early May the paper with Joe Olechno and Antony Williams was published in PLOS ONE and got a bit of exposure. This lead to a few posts here and elsewhere as it got picked up by others. My absence from this forum / outlet for a few months has enabled a bit more …

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Curiosity, Science, HTS and is newer really better?

I have been a humble participant in several discussions in the last few weeks that have been stimulated by the paper on dispensing and IC50 differences between pipette tips and acoustic handling. I am still parsing them, but what really stands out is the complete lack of exhaustive comparisons in academic screening centers between different …

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