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Creating a rapid response – relevant to Zika virus

I have been following the news on the Zika virus over the last few weeks as it has spread with travelers returning from trips and women giving birth to children with microcephaly. Along with it is a spreading underlying fear of where it will lead. Its not so long ago that Ebola, was grabbing headlines. …

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Sanofi and AZ share 210,000 compounds -can we go further?

In the Wall Street Journal today (section B), nestled under an article on Star Wars aim to be a Box -office behemoth, was a small article by Denise Roland on drug giants. This described  the news that AstraZeneca and Sanofi announced  they will each share 210,000 of their compounds from their 2-3 million libraries. This …

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Targeted Drug Development : The FDA perspective – A more approachable regulator?

As I am slowly catching up on my reading and I came across this new white paper type doc from the FDA which came out a few weeks ago called Targeted Drug Development: Why are Many Diseases Lagging Behind? It makes for an interesting read and of course conjures up images of diseases on a …

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Observations on big and small collaborations

Its been a pretty hectic year to date with several grants coming to their conclusion and the need for writing up final reports and manuscripts. In addition it has provided just a little time for reflection. Pretty much everything I am involved in is a collaboration of some sort so I am just a tiny …

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Databases and collaboration require standards for human stem cell research

Last year my then colleague at CDD, Nadia Litterman and myself put together an article on databases and collaboration around the area of human stem cell research. This built on Nadia’s extensive experience of working with stem cells. My additions were mostly around software and collaboration. It was a fun paper to write as I …

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Underwhelming big pharma response to Ebola – I urge more collaboration

A few weeks ago I asked where are the big pharma companies who have been largely surprisingly quiet during the Ebola epidemic. Today I see a press release announcing J&J will have their vaccine next year and GSK later this year. Possibly other companies will be involved at the WHO’s urging. What took so long? …

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Entrepreneurship, Grants and all at BIO2014

Having just returned from a 1 day trip to San Diego for the BIO2014 meeting. I was honored to be part of the session called “Mining for gold – creating business opportunities from publicly funded collaborative research”. This session was organized by Dr. Kai Torbjoern Ingemansson (Principal Scientific Officer, European Commission). I gave a talk …

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NIH Data Sharing Plan – Why ODDT could be the solution*

*(Well maybe for Tuberculosis, Malaria, Huntington’s disease, HIV/AIDS, Chagas Disease, Leishmaniasis, Hunter syndrome, Giant Axonal Neuropathy, H5N1, Fibromusclar Dysplasia, Sanfilippo Syndrome etc) Helping collaborators with their NIH grants (R01, U19, SBIR, STTR, etc.), one is struck by something that has to be done early in most cases yet is usually left till last. That is …

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A brief introduction

My career so far has by no means been a standard one. I have traversed big pharma, startups, software companies, virtual pharmas and I see this only continuing. I started out life as a clinical pharmacologist, a ‘bench’ scientist. In vitro drug metabolism was my focus initially and then I found computers and software could …

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