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Zika – front page news

This morning The Wall Street Journal had the Zika virus vaccine efforts on the front page with comments suggesting a vaccine is 18 months away. In section B the headline was “hunt is on for a Zika Vaccine”. About 90% of the space was dedicated to describing all the companies chasing vaccines. Then almost as …

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A passion for Zika: does anyone want to find an antiviral?

What gets your heart beating fast? For some it is making science progress as fast as they can because life is too short. For me it gets into something totally new and seeing how quickly you can contribute and collaborate with others. How fast can we bring scientists together to do something? I would argue …

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Collaboration to find compounds active against Ebola

Our latest contribution to the Ebola literature came out today. A collaboration with Peter Madrid (SRI International), Robert Davey and Manu Anantpadma (Texas Biomedical Research Institute), Alex Clark (Molecular Materials Informatics) and Joel Freundlich (Rutgers). Last year I posted a few times on Ebola here, hereĀ  here and here. This interest all stemmed from some …

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