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  • Rare disease funding disparity

    Day 2 of the NIH rare disease day did not disappoint. Lets just say it was all about the numbers. My extensive tweets can be found with the hashtag #RDD@NIH. John Gallin from the NIH clinical center has 1255 physicians, 240 beds and studies 463 rare diseases. Danilo Tagle from NCATS described their lab on …

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  • Why we need Collaborative Drug Discovery

    Lets get this out of the way before I start. Collaborative Drug Discovery is something that is very important to me. I am passionate about it. Predominantly because it has collaboration at the core and if we could all do more of this I think we could impact finding cures for so many diseases, neglected and …

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  • I have seen the future – Solutions are more newsworthy than problems

    A small thought has been burning away inside..I like many am profoundly interested in the future and in finding solutions to problems. This predominantly happens through collaboration. Collaboration which is a 2 way process. At the moment based on what makes news, developing solutions and solving problems is hardly news worthy. I have mentioned before how we and …

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