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Learning from pioneers in science from the 20th Century

Having just completed review of a manuscript that profiled a prominent scientist in my field from the 20th century, it got me thinking openly. Firstly, I rarely read profiles of long deceased scientists in my field, frankly who but perhaps the odd emeritus professor (with all due respect) would have time on their hands to …

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Jim Gray eScience Award from Microsoft Research goes to “a doer”

Occasionally you meet really, really awesome people that confirm that life is worth all the junk we put up with 99% of the time. A few years ago (2007)  I was introduced to a database that has had a huge impact on me and probably thousands of others..That database, ChemSpider started life in a garage not …

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The scientist who did not want to be in Wikipedia or on scientistsdb: the Wikipedia notability paradox

Last week, out of the blue an email came to me from a scientist asking the following (names removed) : I trust this email finds you well. I could only find an email address for Sean Ekins, but this message is addressed to both of you. I am writing to inform you that it is …

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Adding Chris Lipinski to ScientistsDB

I was reading a new paper in Nature Chemistry by Bickerton et al., (more on this in a later blog) when I got side tracked by reference 5 by Chris Lipinski et al. which first described the rule of 5 and wondered..1. how well cited is this paper now and 2. is he in Wikipedia? The answer …

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