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Creating a rapid response – relevant to Zika virus

I have been following the news on the Zika virus over the last few weeks as it has spread with travelers returning from trips and women giving birth to children with microcephaly. Along with it is a spreading underlying fear of where it will lead. Its not so long ago that Ebola, was grabbing headlines. …

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2015 in review

2015 saw the continuation of some research themes from 2014, namely some work on Ebola, rare diseases and Bayesian models for neglected diseases. At the end of the year several papers are in press for next year so more to come. As usual there were some ups and downs in getting some of these to see …

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Nobel prize in medicine – going back to natural products for drugs

Every year there are potentially 1000’s of scientists that could have won the Nobel prize and did not. This year the prize recognizes 3 scientists for their work on parasitic diseases.  William Campbell  and Satoshi Omura won for their work on discovering Avermectin which lead to treatments for River Blindness and Lymphatic Filariasis. Youyou Tu …

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