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Predicting Targets for TB Phenotypic Screening Hits and Openess of data and models

So far the only readily accessible, free approach to predicting TB targets is TB Mobile developed for iOS and Android with Alex Clark. While relatively crude the app does allow look up and similarity searching of 745 compounds with known targets so it may help propose possible targets for a new compound. Obviously there are …

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Summary of collaborative publications in 2013.

Time for a brief end of year summary and some insights into various papers, reviews and commentaries I was involved in this year. I have probably missed a few papers that are either not in PubMed or come to mind readily so will likely add as I remember them. What really struck me in a …

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Being paid to publish in journals- an incentive?

[Right up front I will remind you of any potential conflicts of interest as I am on the editorial board of Pharmaceutical Research (Springer), Drug Discovery Today (Elsevier), Mutation Research Reviews (Elsevier), Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods (Elsevier) and Chem-Bio Informatics (Chem-Bio Informatics Society).] Barely a day goes by without having to cleanse my …

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