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BIA 10-2474 saga continues – who knew what and when – and nobody comes out a winner

Apologies, recovering from some bug and my head is a bit fuzzier than usual so I hope this all makes sense. A day that started surreal and just kept going. Straight out of the gate this morning I had an email from a journalist Damien Mascret from Le Figaro. I had never been in contact …

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Data Accessibility in the 21st Century

I was reminded at the weekend that there are are accessible scientists and there is accessible data and occasionally both. I recently had a reprint request for a paper I co-authored in 1999 and a dataset request for a paper published in 2010. I took time out of my weekend to respond to both scientists …

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Crazy editorial control at ResearchGate

Some things just really annoy me to the point that I write them up as posts. This one is no exception. After literally hundreds of ‘spam’ emails in recent weeks from ResearchGate I felt the “pressure ” to actually look at the product and try to update it with my profile and papers etc..just in …

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Oh Joy! – security vulnerability in the System for Award Management (SAM)

If you go after government grants like SBIR, STTRs etc you will have likely received the following email in the last 24hrs alerting you a security vulnerability in the US governments System for Award Management..just look at the kinds of data that was exposed “The data contained identifying information including names, taxpayer identification numbers (TINs), …

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