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A year in publications – 2014

A year in collaborative publications, the ups and downs and a few random comments as well (with a big thanks to all involved): 1. Ekins S and Freundlich JS and Coffee M, A common feature pharmacophore for FDA-approved drugs inhibiting the Ebola virus, F1000research, 3: 277, 2014. This came initially from a Twitter exchange of …

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Underwhelming big pharma response to Ebola – I urge more collaboration

A few weeks ago I asked where are the big pharma companies who have been largely surprisingly quiet during the Ebola epidemic. Today I see a press release announcing J&J will have their vaccine next year and GSK later this year. Possibly other companies will be involved at the WHO’s urging. What took so long? …

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In response to the NIH director

I just found a post by Dr. Antony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins on Ebola. So I have added my 2 cents – lets see if it gets accepted and a response from some moderator (..Tax dollars well spent – who would want that job responding to folks like me). There are plenty of smart …

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