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Back seat science reading

On the return flight on Monday not only did I have time to write a post, I also found inspiration for this one too. Expecting to find the airline magazine in the back pocket of the seat, I instead discovered the Jan 6th issue of the THE NEW YORKER. Some very kind person had left …

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Journal editors add more balance than needed – provides marketing windfall

Just when you think the year is going to end without having to get drawn into some additional discussion on publishing.. well it happens.. I get an email today that the article a (very nice) journalist, Vivien Marx had written for Nature Methods “Pouring over liquid handling” was now published. Lets get this straight at …

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Data Accessibility in the 21st Century

I was reminded at the weekend that there are are accessible scientists and there is accessible data and occasionally both. I recently had a reprint request for a paper I co-authored in 1999 and a dataset request for a paper published in 2010. I took time out of my weekend to respond to both scientists …

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Greater than the sum of the parts – issues in drug discovery

Inspired by the years of reading and also recent collaborative forays into the complexity of data quality and tools used for dispensing in HTS I have started to list issues that we need to be aware of in drug discovery (“anything that can go wrong – which will go wrong”). 1. How you move liquids …

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Oh Joy! – security vulnerability in the System for Award Management (SAM)

If you go after government grants like SBIR, STTRs etc you will have likely received the following email in the last 24hrs alerting you a security vulnerability in the US governments System for Award Management..just look at the kinds of data that was exposed “The data contained identifying information including names, taxpayer identification numbers (TINs), …

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