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Gearing up the new company

Well, its been quiet for several weeks as I had a few projects to complete. One was the final report for an SBIR and in addition I have been curating a special edition of Drug Discovery Today focused on Tuberculosis as well as writing grants (I am always writing grants). So lots of writing basically …

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Experience with Reddit Science AMA

Today I took part in a Reddit Science Ask Me Anything (AMA). I had been invited to do this by the nice folks at Springer so I chose rare diseases as my topic and had 100s of questions to answer. This naturally took far longer than 1hr to answer. Generally a good mix of topics …

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MM4TB and a trip to a new Miro Exhibit

  Occasionally I take a bit of a diversion from my usual science focused postings, this one has an artistic flavor. I am in beautiful Brataslava in the Slovak Republic for a few days for the final More Medicines for Tuberculosis (MM4TB) meeting. Every 6 months for the past 5 years we have had meetings of …

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BIO2016 and getting Big Pharma to listen to the patient’s voice..

Its hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago BIO2016 was coming to an end. After 5 days in San Francisco my legs were tired, my voice was rough, and I was tired of boxed lunches and eating dinner at crazy irregular times – generally very late. Its a hard life! I was at …

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New grants for Phoenix Nest Inc. and LABioMed for Sanfilippo Syndrome treatment development

I can now report some very good news for Phoenix Nest Inc  in our efforts with our wonderful collaborators at LABioMed – we now have a couple of grants to work on treatments for Sanfilippo B and D.  It would be great if we could find VC or angels that would help us get these …

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France faults Bial and Biotrial over fatal drug trial – but what caused it?

New posts appeared yesterday and today on the Bial drug (Bial 10-2474) failure in France. What follows is the Google translate of this article in Le Figaro “Biotrial the laboratory, who led the fatal clinical trial in Rennes, committed “three major shortcomings,” the final report of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS), animal health, …

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Zika Open becomes ‘OpenZika’ on IBM World Community Grid

Amazing to think that in January I was attending the SLAS meeting and over dinner conversations about Zika, I realized that this was one of ‘those defining moments’. I had never worked on the virus, but could I learn anything from the Ebola work that would help? What could we do with the data available at …

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‘CDD Models’ Case Studies

I just posted some examples of how the Bayesian models and Fingerprints described previously here, here and here, can be used in CDD to build models (here, here and here), generate predictions and be used (or not) to export the models. For the test cases I used a few examples of public datasets. But the …

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A small review of “Small Data” by Martin Lindstrom

I found this new book by Martin Lindstrom as I was walking to my gate at LGA a little over a week ago and subsequently have read most of it on flights since then. The title first grabbed my attention on a prominent outer shelf at a book kiosk. Its cover with bold title and …

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Final report of CSST on BIA 10-2474 tragedy

I took the report released yesterday by ANSM on BIA 10-2474 and Google translated the whole doc.. Its not perfect but here goes. All the usual caveats apply – that its far from a perfect job but should provide the key points. Would be great to get an official translation at some point. I find …

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