Drug Discovery Today Special Issue on Tuberculosis

Today a special issue of Drug Today Today was published. I was  the editor of this issue and honored that so many colleagues from our European funded MM4TB and other European projects agreed to provide articles on their contributions to Tuberculosis drug discovery.

Through collaborations I was directly involved in providing 3 articles and an editorial. Access to the following articles is free for 50 days:

Giovanna Riccardi, Iain G. Old, Sean Ekins  – Raising awareness of the importance of funding for tuberculosis small-molecule research

Katarína Mikušová, Sean Ekins – Learning from the past for TB drug discovery in the future

Sean Ekins, Anna Coulon Spektor, Alex M. Clark, Krishna Dole, Barry A. Bunin – Collaborative drug discovery for More Medicines for Tuberculosis (MM4TB)

My initial goal for this special issue was to raise awareness of the cost effective nature of such consortia and how through collaboration we could make progress in small molecule drug discovery. The amount of work performed by the many labs is really just highlighted, and my hope is we could show how continued research on small molecules for TB is essential (take not funding bodies).

If anyone would like a copy of this special article please get in touch and I will try to mail one when I get them from the publisher!



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