A bit of an update on Collaborations Pharmaceuticals

Its been a few months since the last post. In that time Collaborations Pharmaceuticals has been working flat out. We hired a Postdoc and associate and have been keeping our heads down working on the 3 NIH grants with collaborators. Next week I will be representing the team at the Gordon Conference on Tropical infectious diseases and presenting our first poster which describes Assay Central and its application to quite a few of these diseases. More on that in future posts I hope.

Next week we also move into our new lab at the NC State incubator . After being out of the lab since late 1999 its time to head back to one! We are also working on a few grant submissions with new collaborators. Our pitch deck has also gone through numerous updates in the last few weeks. I definitely prefer the science to the business side but I am fortunate to have a few mentors who keep me focused.

Last week I also gave a presentation at UNC as part of rare disease week. Prior to that I attended the NIH rare disease day. This was huge compared to previous years and I get the impression there is increased interested even compared to a few years ago. I hope one day to get invited to speak to that audience so we can spread the word about what can be done with relatively limited resources.

If this was not enough I also have a new book to edit…so I better get back to work. More in a few weeks..



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