10 more years of the Pediatric rare disease priority review voucher

I just saw an email from Nancy Goodman and The Kids v Cancer Team describing the passing of legislation that will lead to the extension of the pediatric rare disease priority review voucher. This is a topic I have covered here and most recently in our recent publication with Jill Wood. In full disclosure I am CEO of a couple of small rare disease companies, so this is huge for groups like ours. It provides a potential return on investment even for diseases where there might be just a handful of patients. It gives us at least 10 years to get there. Alright now lets go develop those drugs! A big thank you to Nancy and her team as well as all the families and groups supporting this legislation. I am pretty sure it will be the topic of a lot more discussion to come. UPDATE – STILL HAS TO MAKE IT TO FLOOR.
Advancing Hope Act, S. 1878, passes the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee
We are very happy to announce that last week, the Senate HELP Committee passed the Advancing Hope Act to reauthorize the Creating Hope Act pediatric priority review voucher program in a strong showing of bipartisanship, by 18 to 2.
In a  Manager’s Amendment to the Advancing Hope Act, the Senate HELP Committee extended the program almost 10 years — with a 2022 sunset, and an extension until 2027 for drugs and biologics that receive a rare pediatric disease designation by 2022.
We look forward to supporting the Senate’s effort to bring the Advancing Hope Act to the Senate floor as part of the Senate’s Innovations for Healthier Americans Act.
We thank our Senate sponsors, Senator Casey and Senator Isakson.  In addition, we thank the leadership of Chairman Alexander and Ranking Member Murray.  And as always, we are grateful for the continued support of Representative McCaul, Representative Butterfield and Representative Van Hollen.
Nancy Goodman and The Kids v Cancer Team

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