Pros and Cons of Social Networking for Scientists: Its not just about Me

I have Antony Williams to thank because for a long time I have been wanting to summarize my thoughts on how I use social networking to spread the word about the science that I am involved in. Seeing Tony’s slides pushed me to do this!

This follows visiting many groups of students (most recently at Rutgers-Camden) over the years and coming away with the feeling this is not something that is taught, its something you acquire or pick up. So lets change that, can we show students how to benefit from the social networking tools for science that are out there, what to watch out for etc. The intertia to put something together combined with time constraints provided a small window of opportunity.. It was this week or never.

It is probably far easier for me to put a presentation together than write about this in gory detail. So here goes. If you want me to come and talk to your students or group on this I would be happy to oblige.

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