ACS 2015, chemistry talks, posters and Tattoo!

I am just back from a very busy trip to Boston for the ACS. It was great to meet up with many people I see only rarely, at these meetings as well as meet new people including one with a molecule tattoo that got a lot of interest on Twitter .

I gave 5 talks on a diverse array of topics from Chagas disease to big data,  including one in the #CINF Careers session organized by Rachelle Bienstock. I have posted these on F1000Research in addition I gave 2 posters and these are also on F1000Research. (As of 21st Aug I have them on Slideshare too)

So a big thanks to all the chairs of sessions and those in the audience for asking great questions and stimulating lots of thoughts on further experiements etc. It was also an honor to be part of the very first JC-Bradley session Chaired by Antony Williams and Andrew Lang on data openness. I tried my best to formulate the complete soup to nuts history of my involvement in the Ebola story that is still in process.  This meeting also marked the first time I attended the small chemical business sessions and I was pleasantly surprised and inspired! I made some great contacts and had chance to chat with entrepreneurs including Dr’s Harry Mandeville and George Whitesides who had started a drug company (GelTex) in the 90s and sold it for $1.3bn to Genzyme.

OK now back to the task of working on grants to see if we can put all this productivity into funding some more research. Back on the treadmill.

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