Papers and posters for ACS Boston 2015

It is that time of the year when we get those automated emails telling us our abstracts have been scheduled for the next ACS in August. In addition to these I will be participating in a careers panel for undergraduates which will be interesting – hopefully to inspire the next generation that there is lots to do in drug discovery, cheminformatics, toxicology and rare diseases. In addition I will have a poster in the small chemical business section, that should be a new venture as a budding entrepreneur. So plenty of work ahead in prepping for these. Finally there are posters collaborators are submitting which I hope to add in due course.

Here goes the list of papers to be presented at the 250th ACS National Meeting that will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, August 16-20, 2015.

PAPER ID: 2248982
PAPER TITLE: “Mining big datasets to create and validate machine learning models”

DIVISION: [CINF] Division of Chemical Information

PAPER ID: 2248973
PAPER TITLE: “Making it open: Putting cheminformatics to use against the Ebola virus”

DIVISION: [CINF] Division of Chemical Information

PAPER ID: 2246123
PAPER TITLE: “Applying cheminformatics and bioinformatics approaches to neglected tropical disease big data”

DIVISION: [CINF] Division of Chemical Information

PAPER ID: 2249028
PAPER TITLE: “Development and sharing of ADME/Tox and Drug Discovery machine learning models”

DIVISION: [COMP] Division of Computers in Chemistry

PAPER ID: 2248999
PAPER TITLE: “Mobile Apps for Transporter Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction – A Tool of the Future, now

DIVISION: [TOXI] Division of Chemical Toxicology

PAPER ID: 2248989
PAPER TITLE: “Starting small companies focused on rare diseases”

DIVISION: [SCHB] Division of Small Chemical Businesses

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