Rare diseases collection at F1000Research

I have mentioned previously that I have the honor to edit a collection of articles for F1000Research. So here is your chance if you are in the rare disease community and you have something you want to publish..do it now! Having published previously in F1000Research with collaborators I found the process was simple compared to other open access journals. The editorial feedback on the article was excellent and the team behind the journal are very responsive. So if you have any traditional research articles (including clinical trials), as well as reviews, data notes, observation articles, case studies, method articles, and software tools (for details see the author guidelines) on rare diseases please submit them.

I am looking forward to seeing if we can make this into something more than a rare disease collection but maybe something more regular which highlights rare disease research in an open and accessible fashion. As I have said before, I think open publications could transform rare disease research.

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