ACS in San Francisco..6 talks and a poster

For a few days I am in SF presenting several talks ..In all but one case I plan to post the talks..

Yesterday’s talk was on collaborations. The prior speaker did not turn up so I gave it twice.

Today I gave two presentations. One on TB mimics. This work is subject to some papers that need to be submitted and so It may be a while before the slides are made available.

The second talk was on the need for open data for rare and neglected diseases.

Over the next 2 days I have a poster and 3 more talks to go.

Putting these talks together is a challenge because you just never know who is in the audience. It’s also quite important to give new fresh presentations and discuss some topics that may be a bit provocative.

Obviously the link between all the talks is really collaboration of different flavors. Whether that is large scale, small scale, closed, semi open or fully open. The ACS also ensures pretty much that there will be some interesting discussions which really is probably just as important for someone like me that works from a home office most of the time. Getting out and engaging the audience is important.

One thing I took away today from a talk by Amy Beisel (Research Square)  is the importance of reaching out to non English speaking authors as a journal editor or reviewer and try to be more sympathetic to the fact that their understanding of English would be enhanced if we presented journal information and our review comments more clearly. This also entails writing shorter sentences.

The next post should discuss how the rest of the meeting goes and summarizes it.




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