A priceless opportunity to submit an article on rare diseases

It has been a while since I posted something of note and in that intervening period as it happens some “opportunities” were put in front of me. Many of these have consumed my time, e.g. writing a year end report for a grant, a new collaborative project which spawned a couple of manuscripts, and of course the usual manuscript resubmission cycles. Most of the time I decline new offers because there are not enough hours in the day. However I was approached by an open access publisher recently to see if I could organize an issue on rare diseases.

So it is my turn to throw the opportunity to you the audience. Do you have a manuscript you want to submit, a commentary, a protocol etc? In due course the journal will be announcing this initiative, but I figured I would give everyone a head start. yes its open -access, but there will be discounts for submission, which will be very reasonable etc.

I should add the journal is very new (1 year old) and comes from a highly respected group/ publisher.

You might ask well, what is my role, what do I get out of it? Well, I get the opportunity to write an editorial and submit it.  That’s it. I am not even on the editorial board of the journal so i have no say in what is accepted etc. No compensation either, perhaps if I can pull it off ultimately some thanks will filter down.

So why do it..well its complicated, but lets just say, I have published in one rare disease specific journal, and other rare disease related work has been published in general journals. I think if we are going to raise awareness of rare diseases we should get a good body of work together in a general journal that is open. Perhaps it could kick off a regular series of calls for rare disease articles, maybe even a whole new journal devoted to rare diseases??

So if you have any ideas or want to contribute just tweet me or email me – or better still comment.


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  1. Anshu Bhardwaj says:

    Dear Sean,
    I will be happy to contribute a paper on rare diseases. My work on Mitochondrial genome is primarily focussed on prioritization of single nucleotide markers for disease association studies. The goal is to be able to harness this information for predicting potential therapeutic interventions. Do let me know how to proceed for submissions. All the best for the special issue. I am sure there are many of us who works on rare diseases realize that the traditional ways of discovering new treatments need a fresh approach.

    1. sean says:

      Dear Anshu,

      The request for papers has now gone live http://f1000research.com/article-collections/rarediseases
      thank you for the response please drop me an email if you have more questions..
      Please let other researchers know too.

      Very sorry for the delay in responding its been busy.

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