Could the community contribute to an ACS Session for Jean-Claude Bradley?

Antony Williams and I were discussing last week ways to remember Jean-Claude Bradley. One way might be a session at the ACS in 2015, the 10th anniversary of starting his open notebook.

Who would be willing to give a talk on a topic related to open notebook science or any of the aspects that were close to Jean-Claude?

For example he worked on malaria research, solubility, melting points, publishing negative data, mobile apps, he used open-notebook Science, CDK, wiki, blogging, he self published, he created science games, he was into virtual reality..So there are plenty of topics there to cover or use as a starting point to expand. If you need inspiration watch a talk from last year at U of Delaware.

Who knows what might come from this but feel free to drop us a line- any or all help, ideas of people or topics would be greatly accepted. Why not do it totally openly, organize it openly, make it accessible to anyone (could the ACS even make the session totally open and free?)..hmm just a few ideas to get the ball rolling.


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  1. Egon Willighagen says:

    This idea has my full support.

  2. Graham Steel says:

    This idea also has my full support.

  3. sean says:

    Thank you both!

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