What am I getting for free from the ACS?

Well today’s gift from my email inbox is as follows. I am not quite sure what I am getting for free from the ACS or even if this is something I would normally pay for. What makes this interesting is the work itself (will reveal all later) was not NIH funded nor in fact funded by anyone. But because we used models and tools that were only made possible with NIH funding I thought it was safer to acknowledge that – and I do that very specifically. What I did not realize was there would be some benefit for that from the ACS in 2014. I guess I would have ordinarily gone with the author submits option to PMC which is a pain in the butt, but doable. What I cannot understand is there has to be some way this can all be automated to relieve the weight of the author, like its another thing we have to do..
Lets rewind – Have the idea, we do the work, write the paper, deal with the reviews etc and submit to PMC. Another thing while on my soapbox, not a day goes by without being required to sign some multipage document signing my rights away. Its not like they are making the paper free or anything immediately!

Congratulations on your manuscript being accepted for publication. It has been received by the ACS Publications production team, and has been identified as reporting research funded by the NIH. ACS is pleased to offer you a complimentary ACS AuthorChoice+12 for this article, allowing ACS to automatically deposit your final published article into PubMed Central (the PMC) and provide you with your PMCID. This special upgrade for NIH-funded authors is being offered only during 2014. No further action is required from you for ACS to deposit this article into PubMed Central, although we ask that you sign and return to openaccess@acs.org the attached ACS AuthorChoice+12 license.
Here is a summary of this new program for NIH-funded authors:

ACS is providing authors funded by NIH who acknowledge this funding in published 2014 articles with a complimentary ACS AuthorChoice+12 license for that article.
ACS AuthorChoice+12 provides embargoed (after 12 months) open availability of the final published article on the ACS Publications website.
ACS AuthorChoice+12 also provides Certified Deposit, where ACS will automatically and immediately deposit the final published article on your behalf, the version of record, into the PMC with a 12-month embargo. We are implementing this complimentary upgrade in recognition of 2014 being a transition year, both for ACS as we establish our systems and processes for an open access economy and for the scientific community as funding and mandates continue to evolve. Additionally, we recognize authors whose research is funded by NIH must decide at the time of publication whether they will deposit the accepted manuscript or have the Publisher deposit the final published article, the version of record.

All 2014 published corresponding authors, including NIH-funded authors, also receive ACS Author Rewards credits:

For articles published in ACS journals in 2014, the published corresponding author will receive two credits, each worth $750, for a total value of $1,500 per article. These credits can be used to offset the costs of any ACS open access option between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2017. ACS Author Rewards credits will be accessible via authors’ ACS ChemWorx account before the end of 2014. (Sign up for free access at www.acschemworx.org.)

Please take special note that this complimentary upgrade applies only during 2014. Starting January 1, 2015, ACS will deposit content only when that content is purchased through the ACS AuthorChoice program, with funds you provide or with an ACS Author Reward you earn in 2014. This is in keeping with our commitment to uphold the integrity of the version of record, the final published article. Authors may continue to self-deposit the accepted manuscript specifying a 12-month embargo as permitted under the terms of the ACS Journal Publishing Agreement.

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