New ACS initiative to encourage open access?

I just received the following email:

Have you heard of ACS Author Rewards?

ACS Author Rewards will provide the published corresponding author of each peer-reviewed article published in 2014 with two $750 credits (total rewards value of $1500 per article published). These credits can be applied (or shared with others for redemption) toward any future ACS AuthorChoice [ http://acsopenaccess.org/acs-authorchoice/ ] open access publishing service (with no limit on the number of credits that can be accumulated during 2014). Credits may be redeemed from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2017.

ACS Author Rewards is a program designed to encourage authors to choose open access when publishing in ACS journals. During a time when funder and institutional public access requirements are still in flux and vary widely from country to country or institution to institution, ACS Author Rewards is designed to assist researchers in sponsoring the open availability of the published article as the version of record.

Credits will be accessible through your ACS ChemWorx account on or before January 1, 2015. Don’t have an ACS ChemWorx account? Enroll for free at http://www.acschemworx.org.

To learn more about this and other ACS Open Access initiatives visit http://acsopenaccess.org/.

So first thoughts – I think its a good start.
Why publish in 2015?
Why not just decrease the cost to encourage use or better still offer a free period?

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  1. sean says:

    see also the next post http://www.collabchem.com/2014/03/26/what-am-i-getting-for-free-from-the-acs/

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