World TB day

Today is World TB day.

Links can be found for the Stop TB Partnership

World TB Day.org




I do not have a lot to say except – please let others know.



I tweeted the following today:

World TB day 1. raise awareness that we need a bigger pipeline TB Alliance Interactive Portfolio

World TB Day 2. Need more preclinical compounds / efforts

World TB day 3. Raise awareness that TB outbreaks happen in the USA

World TB Day 4. Raise awareness of TB funding..Most going to treatment not research

World TB Day 5. Raise awareness of MDR TB statistics – mind boggling

time for fresh perspectives from outside the box because 70 yrs from first Rx’s need something difft

World TB day 6. Reality is that we cannot translate drugs from in vitro to in vivo as fast as in the 1940s-1960s.

World TB Day 7. Over 5 Million molecules tested in in vitro screens in past decade- over 2000 hits- handful go in vivo

World TB Day 8. Why either vaccine or small molecule? Both have issues/ failures. Stop the rivalry and collaborate

World TB Day 9: Computers have been used extensively elsewhere — why not more use in TB R&D – Models focused on preclin

World TB Day10. If research on can achieve a lot with little funding why not take a leaf from their book

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