Wanted: proposals for Pharmaceutical Research theme issues, perspectives, reviews, commentaries

For a number of years I have been involved on the editorial board of the Springer journal Pharmaceutical Research (current IF 4.7). In full disclosure I receive a small stipend each year for my editorial role and I attend one editorial board meeting per year. I am the only person not from an academic institute on that board so I think I bring a different perspective that compliments a very tight knit group that is made up of academics from around the world. This journal is very closely affiliated with the AAPS and is certainly important as a key journal / society relationship. It is also pretty much a ‘closed’ journal though there is the option to pay ~$3000 to make articles open access. I think very few articles are open. In the past the journal also sponsored whole months when they made articles freely available.

Yes I am often torn on whether It meshes with my evolving interest in open access journals. Academics and industry publish in this journal and it’s obviously focused on new technologies and the best research in drug delivery, PK, pharmaceutical research in general. I am also encouraged that Springer has open access options, also owns BMC journals and a new open access journal called SpringerPlus. So they have a portfolio depending on your journal needs (openness-wise).

Well now I have been given responsibility for recruiting high quality Reviews, commentaries and perspectives etc. This may ultimately be a huge challenge and beyond my physical resources, but let’s see. I would like to obtain suggestions from readers on potential theme issues for the journal, possible topics and authors we could invite. We would like to have topical themes, cutting edge timely reviews and commentaries and perspectives that discuss issues of high relevance to readers of Pharmaceutical Research.

One unusual topic that occurred to me writing this was how can we get the voice of the young scientist involved. I am increasingly seeing that some great ideas are coming from very young people. Perhaps we should be tapping the minds of school children for the ground breaking future technologies in pharmaceutical research. That’s not to say that this science is child’s play. Clearly being 44 I am not so young myself anymore.

As a 25-26 year old I did write my first reviews of topics (liver slices) and a book chapter (on drug metabolism) and they were very immersive experiences. They also served to get exposure and made me realize there was value to going really deep into a topic and summarizing it. Over the years I have written a few reviews on topics such as nuclear hormone receptor models, ADME/Tox models, drug metabolism, computational toxicology, computational models for tuberculosis and so on..So what do I get out of this particular effort? Well I will expand my knowledge to areas way outside of what I do, I will hopefully get to see who are the leaders in the field and maybe, just maybe it might provide that tipping point / catalyst for finding the next area that takes my interest?

It’s probably kind of unusual to write a request for topics- ideas using a personal blog, but I am open to seeing if this could be complimentary to other approaches (email, adverts, talks, linkedin, social networks etc). I will also be tweeting a request for ideas too. I am hoping that by spreading the word I can increase the diversity of proposals that come in. I am keen to encourage anyone to get in touch (regardless of age).

I look forward to hearing your proposed ideas, themes, research to consider or proposed scientists I should talk to. Please feel free to just post a message at the end of this post or tweet me (collabchem).

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