ACS in Dallas. A quick talk on machine learning to model TB in vivo data

The last few days were a whirlwind. Friday I flew to New Jersey to visit a collaborator at Rutgers. A day filled with discussions on TB. Then Saturday I flew back to North Carolina to make final tweaks to my talk for the ACS. Sunday I flew to Dallas Texas, co- chaired a session on “Neglected and are disease drug discovery needs open data”. It is a long story but originally I put in a half dozen abstracts and several sessions. I do not think there was much interest in some of the proposed sessions. So I ended up giving one talk. I then returned to North Carolina last night.

The session was interesting as the speaker that followed me did not turn up, so I had time to give an impromptu demo to show how the dataset I was describing was accessible in CDD and also I could demo TB Mobile to the small but attentive audience.

Well enough of my blabbing on. If you are interested in TB or machine learning or just issues about access to data, data curation etc..this talk may be of interest. We have submitted several papers and ultimately we will make the entire dataset accessible in CDD, ChemSpider, we will tweet it so that anyone can have it..Watch this space.


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