Paying to see conference abstracts for a rare disease conference..

I was updating my CV and realized that a couple of abstracts submitted for the World Symposium (on lysosomal diseases) in 2013 and 2014 are published in Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. This year there were 282 such abstracts published and I know that because I along with every attendee could take home a copy of that issue from the meeting.

But here is the catch, anyone wanting to read these abstracts online has to pay $41.95. I can imagine for a full paper that charging this amount is one thing..but charging it for the following abstracts is just silly. Who would or could afford to pay this amount for a paragraph of text. For the 2014 abstract with 300 words that works out at ~ 14 cents a word.

Here is the 2013 abstract preprint and the 2014 abstract preprint.

(yes its an Elsevier journal and I am on the editorial board for several others – this does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside).

Perhaps as a service to the rare disease patients and families, Elsevier could kindly make all such abstracts freely available so that cutting edge research was accessible so they could make better decisions of what research to fund.

elsevier abstracts

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