World Symposium 2014

This week I am in Sunny San Diego for the World Symposium 2014, which is focused on the Lysosomal Disease Network. The days are full of 15 minute talks and no parallel sessions. There is a good mixture of younger and established scientists presenting, although the quality is OK, there are some useful talks to a newbie like myself, while most are very, very focused on a single topic. I am of course in the minority live tweeting, a process made more difficult by the poorly chosen hashtag #world_symposium which a few of us have shortened to #LDN14. So if you want to see some summaries of talks so far #LDN14 will locate them.

The poster session has over 200 posters and lasts over 2 days, with plenty of opportunities to discuss work 1:1. The conference seems very heavy on the networking aspects, with what appears many collaborative researchers using this as their annual meetup. There are a few of the drug companies in rare diseases represented, e.g. Genzyme, Shire, BioMarin, Amicus etc.

I have found a few posters so far describing chaperones for the lysosomal diseases and I have been tweeting those for curation into the Open Drug Discovery Teams app, so any researcher could look across diseases and see the different chaperones under study.

With that I had better get back to the next session and will provide some updates as the rest of the meeting progresses.

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