Jonah’s Just Begun makes the TRAIN – the research acceleration and innovation network

One of the rare disease groups I help out, Jonah’s Just Begun (JJB) was recently highlighted on Faster Cures TRAIN. I was involved in helping to write Jill Wood’s responses to the questions posed.

The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN) was established to create opportunities for medical research innovators to discuss and tackle the challenges that cut across diseases. It is a group of unique nonprofit foundations that fund medical research across a spectrum of diseases

Here is the mission of TRAIN

  • Catalyze the innovative activities of participating disease research organizations
  • Accelerate communication, learning, and discovery across a range of diseases
  • Promote heightened use of medical research resources and a higher level of organizational effectiveness
  • Identify, promote, and facilitate innovation in the scientific, methodological, and systemic aspects of disease research generally

TRAIN Central Station is the online platform for TRAIN groups and other medical research innovators to share best practices, exchange ideas, and find relevant tools and resources.

What is even more interesting is that I met Jill, a little over 2 years ago at the Partnering for Cures meeting which is run by Faster Cures and at that point she was really starting to fund research. Over the past few years Jill has raised money and formed a consortia with other groups working on Sanfilippo syndrome so they can combine their resources.

Getting exposure on a website like this alongside other like-minded research focused foundations is terrific exposure for JJB. While its still very early days in the research avenues being pursued it is important to show what can be done with limited resources and exceptional scientists.


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