Why Are We Still Doing Industrial Age Drug Discovery For Neglected Diseases in The Information Age?

Modern Times, one of my favorite Charlie Chaplin films was the latest inspiration for a little set of slides that summarizes a developing set of ideas for neglected disease research, specifically the focus is open TB research. Some of our recent work on TB machine learning for lead optimization here and Fusing datasets here builds on our earlier work.I really wanted to push the idea that we are using pretty old technologies still when we could be learning from all the data we have from over 70 years of “modern drug discovery for TB”.

Maybe it was just an opportunity to try a few graphics and go easy on the text. I have never been able to interweave old school hip hop, a spider, Dr Who’s tardis, a toolbox, a sponge and a tree and my aim was to see if I could recast something I normally present very dry. I hope they will prove to be a starting point for future presentations on the TB work in general. If not its back to the boring plain backgrounds.

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  1. sean says:

    I thought I would add an interactive element to this presentation..I ended with ” to be continued”..I could take this in a few different directions – continue with the in vivo challenge or deeper analysis or perhaps something totally different..what would you the reader prefer. PS I also put it on slideshare..http://www.slideshare.net/ekinssean/why-are-we-still-doing-industrial-age-drug

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