Dispensing paper – many views but what about impact?

Back in early May the paper with Joe Olechno and Antony Williams was published in PLOS ONE and got a bit of exposure. This lead to a few posts here and elsewhere as it got picked up by others.

My absence from this forum / outlet for a few months has enabled a bit more contemplation on this work . As of today the paper has over 7800 views. This blows away the views on my other co-authored papers in PLOS Journals here here here . Apparently it has been cited and it has been referenced in a Gordon Conference presentation.

But months on from the painful experience of just getting it published I still wonder what will be the long term implication or impact.

What is surprising is that apart from a few journalists, I have not had scientists emailing, phoning or even contacting me. No invites to talk about it, no conference invitations, nothing, Zip, Zero, Zilch..Should I be surprised? People like the Status Quo so telling them to change their tips to something else is probably not what they need to hear, especially as the other options are more expensive. And of course scientists think its old news and still ignore it.

Joe and I have made several calls to different academics or company HTS groups to see if we could greatly extend the work with more compounds. So far there has been little if any interest. I would love to see someone take what we did and run with it, build on it  – its silly if folks are just turning a blind eye because dispensing issues I am sure will keep cropping up if we do not address the root cause.

So I proposed to Joe what we need to do is write a grant to fund a bigger comparison of dispensing devices. A single site needs the following:

1. Acoustic dispensing device
2. tip dispensing device and maybe others (pins etc)
3. a postdoc or someone that can run 1 and 2
4. one or more assay to run – preferable 2 different types?
5 a set of diverse drugs or molecules that extend beyond rule of 5 (could be natural product library etc)
6. someone to build computational models based on data from 4
7. statistical analysis of data
8. someone to write the grant

So if there is anyone interested in collaborating to do this please let me know and get in touch.


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