Hiring a postdoc (applied computational chemistry)

As I may have mentioned before I have a long time TB collaboration with Dr. Joel Freundlich at UMDNJ, Newark (soon to be Rutgers). Over the past few years this has lead to some papers with collaborators on: 1) TB metabolite mimicrySarker, M. et al., “Combining Cheminformatics Methods and Pathway Analysis to Identify Molecules with Whole-Cell Activity Against Mycobacterium tuberculosis,” Pharm. Res. 2012, 29, 2115; Lamichhane, G. et al., Essential Metabolites of M. tuberculosis and their Mimics, mBio 2011, 2, e00301; 2) computational models for TB drug discoveryEkins, S. and Freundlich, J.S., “Validating New Tuberculosis Computational Models with Public Whole Cell Screening Aerobic Activity Datasets,” Pharm. Res. 2011, 28, 1859; Ekins, S. et al., “Computational Databases, Pathway and Cheminformatics Tools for Tuberculosis Drug Discovery,” Trends Microbiol. 2011, 19, 65; Ekins, S. et al., “Bayesian Models Leveraging Bioactivity and Cytotoxicity Information for Drug Discovery,” Chem. Biol. 2013, 20, 370; Ekins, S. “Enhancing hit identification in Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug discovery using validated dual-event Bayesian models,” PLOS ONE 2013, 8, e63240; Ekins S. and Freundlich J.S. “Computational models for Tuberculosis drug discovery”, Methods Mol Biol, 2013, 993, 245-262 ; 3) in silico drug repositioningEkins, S. et al., “In Silico Repositioning of Approved Drugs for Rare and Neglected Diseases,” Drug Disc. Today 2011, 16, 298. and antimalarial drug discovery Anderson JW et al., Novel diaryl ureas with efficiency in a mouse model of malaria. Bioorg med Chem Lett. 2013, 23, 1022-1025.

Joel will require a Postdoc ASAP so I thought I may as well put the word out on this venue. We are looking for somebody with plenty of applied computational chemistry experience with good experience of commercial and/or free docking and cheminformatics software. Ideally the individual should also have good communication / publication skills too and be willing to use collaborative tools. The position is for at least a year in a dynamic growing lab that has very experienced medicinal chemists. Needless to say the role will help direct synthesis of compounds for an NIH funded TB project (more details upon request). If you know anyone that fits the bill please pass this on.

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  1. sean says:

    follow up – This post was tweeted and picked up by a postdoc in another group..who eventually got in touch with Joel and was hired..

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