Open Drug Discovery Teams – An example of a lean start-up as an app

I have written quite a bit in the past on this blog about how the Open Drug Discovery Teams app was created with Alex Clark and how we have used it to highlight rare and neglected diseases, share molecules via Twitter and so much more! We think this is an example of a lean start-up, a very lean start-up in fact because it consumes a small piece of that 150% of the time we are working!

So if you want all the news to date we have created and updated a new slideset that extensively describes the app and what we plan on in the future. Well now we have updated the user guide too SO NOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING ELSE TO READ.

We think there is a whole array of other topics we could add, so if there is a rare disease with a good network of patient advocates and scientists that you think would benefit from being in the app, just let us know, send us an image we can use and some hashtags PLEASE..

We would also like to hear how you use the app and what other features you might like to see in the future. I am sure as the year progresses we will update you on how we are using ODDT..

Please tell everyone about this FREE app. If you are a company or organization that want to use what is in ODDT for a project or new app of your own please also get in touch.

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