Green Solvents App – Now sponsored by the RSC

Less than 2 years ago I tweeted about the ACS Green Chemisty Institute solvent selection guide. Within a week Alex Clark had an App on iTunes.  Pretty quickly we started to get the word out and this led recently to a paper on Green Solvents, Lab solvents and other apps with a green chemistry angle (co-authored with Alex and Antony Williams at the RSC).

Now I am  pleased to report sponsorship of the app for a year by the RSC – so no more changing advertisement along the top but instead their logo.


Here is the press release:

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) announced they have sponsored the Green Solvents and Lab Solvents mobile apps for a year.

Green Solvents and Lab Solvents are innovative apps for the iOS and Android platforms that list solvents and their scores versus various environmentally relevant properties. They are based on published data that had not been widely disseminated in conveniently available media. The apps are freely available and were developed by Dr. Alex M. Clark at Molecular Materials Informatics (MMI, Montreal, Canada) after an initial idea from Dr. Sean Ekins at Collaborations in Chemistry (CIC, Fuquay Varina, USA).

“These apps are first class examples of how green chemistry data can be delivered to a mobile device and complement other apps such as ChemSpider Mobile, which we have developed with Alex.” said Antony J. Williams, VP Strategic Development for Royal Society of Chemistry. “We are honoured to support such efforts that raise awareness of green chemistry and educate the public and serve a need for scientists in the lab”.

“It is really wonderful validation of these apps that an organisation such as the RSC would sponsor Green Solvents and Lab Solvents and this will help to further raise their visibility to scientists globally” said Alex Clark, owner of Molecular Materials Informatics. “Our recent publication in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering on the development of these apps has provoked a great deal of interest in how such datasets can be appified”.


ACS Sustainable Chem.Eng., 2013, 1 (1), pp8-13




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