Preparing for Leading scientists towards openness

Since Antony Williams has introduced us as moderating a session at Science Online 2013 here are some more thoughts to get ideas going and some insight. Some slides to get you thinking and stoke discussion are here .

Firstly why are we doing this? Last year there was some great discussion on open notebook science at the same conference and we wanted to take it further. I had tweeted about ‘what big scientist could we convert to open science?’ during science online 2012. So this session is an extension of that. How can we lead scientists towards openess? The 2012 meeting really was inspirational. In late 2011 I had decided I wanted to do a bit more on the open science side – kind of ‘open up’ my science, and the conference really cemented that desire. What lead me to this? the accumulation of discussions about making data accessible to those that need it most, scientists and rare disease patient advocates that need to know what research is being done etc..This year my goal is to do as much openly as possible and try to publish articles I have control of in open access journals. I am transforming from a ‘closed’ albeit collaborative scientist to an open collaborative scientist. Its definitely a gradual transition but is happening.

Last week I posted experimental / computational results in a blog and Figshare, not once but twice. This gets to ultimately publishing more myself outside journal articles, putting more information in Figshare and the like, for example. That is not to say some of this might get tightened up and published more formerly. But this is an experiment thats ongoing. Figshare will also present at the meeting – so perhaps they might want to throw some ideas about how we could get people to be open scientists?

The last science online meeting inspired the ODDT mobile app from my perspective, but what could we inspire at this meeting that would get more people involved in open science? It does not have to be an app.

Our biases are towards pharma, chemistry and biology but we really are receptive to ideas from elsewhere. So fire away.

The discussions on the session will use #scio13openscience on twitter. Already a big thanks to those of you that have engaged in twitter conversations ahead of the meeting and shared your experiences.

We are both excited, honored to be even at the meeting but our job is to get your input, voices, ideas in the open..we may prod if the discussion lags but its all about your involvement. Feel free to post comments and tweet and we will do our best to get them out in the 1hr session.


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