ODDT getting some visibility in the rare disease community

Just issued.. an interview in Rare Disease Report with Alex Clark and myself on Open Drug Discovery Teams. We were very honored to be asked to answer some questions by James Radke and Peter Ciszewski and tell the community about ODDT. This is the kind of interiew that works for me, we are not cast as the contrarians as seems to happen whenever interviewed previously and our thoughts see the light of day. Our little hobby project is starting to get some visibility. We chose a hard path, supporting ultra rare diseases alongside neglected diseases, the parents and patient advocates are highly motivated, they know their  diseases, the networks, the researchers and are using social media to the full. If ODDT can help in a small way build connections we have achieved something. The topics in the app may seem pretty random, but there is a strategy there. We are pretty sure there will be more exciting news to add soon.

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