Paper on NCATS structures – collaboration in action

Finally, after a little while our paper on the NCATS and MRC industry provided reagents is now in the latest issue of DDT. I will let it speak for itself and we will present on it at the ACS. This pretty much brings us full circle from my first blog on this topic.

Needless to say, I am very grateful to Chris Southan and Antony Williams for allowing me to be involved. 2012 was a bumper year for collaborations and this was at the top in terms of importance. It was also the first paper in which we shared drafts by DropBox. This presented some issues on versioning and did not allow all of us to work on it together simultaneously. However, it was convenient to share files. Each time I embark on a project there seem to be unique needs, in this case sharing drafts and data. With Chris in Sweden we also used Skype to update each other and clarify items in each draft. For many of my collaborations in the US I either phone or use a combination of phone and email with collaborators.

I have found that the best collaborations, from my perspective are like running on autopilot. Achieving that state takes a lot of trust all around and is probably not for the faint hearted or those worried about ruffling a few feathers!


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