End of year blog

Just hours to go till 2013 begins and I am continuing my holiday travel in the passenger seat..rewinding through the fun blogs from the last 12 months and thinking how I never imagined writing about some of the topics. Perhaps some I should have left well alone but there is no going back now! Here are my top ten in no particular order – maybe reverse chronological.

A year ago I would not have planned on going back to the same conference I spoke on TB in 2011 and then in 2012 speak about rare diseases. This blog was the longest by far.

The randomness of getting someone else’s royalty statement from a publisher exposed the gap in rates …and they finally sent me the check for the missing $500 from my own royalties.

Example of randomness two – visiting an old GSK site in RTP was sheer fluke, as was realizing that the whiteboards were all informatics related..this blog had the most pictures.

One of the shortest the tweeting of the NCATS dataset.

This blog reflects my research and so the spontaneity of ideas sometimes surprises me and using new tools is also of interest, one blog kind of captured how the iPad from Xmas last year was very useful in 2012.

Yes we tried IndieGoGo with ODDT ..a few people supported us..I think we may have been the first to try crowd funding  an app and definitely one for rare disease.

I  think we need a big name scientist to convert to Open Notebook science to get some traction in making more science open.

I even managed to get a blog translated into Japanese.

Then there was the dragon cartoon that sneaked into one blog– hmmm maybe more of them next year?

Finally an interesting new year resolution which I think I achieved.

Happy New Year.






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