Big Pharma and FDA still use outdated software – from the horses mouth

Mining through the panel discussions at Partnering for Cures 2012 over the past few days I find the following nugget of information. Marc Bonnefoi, PhD, Head, North America R&D Hub, Sanofi USA describes something Dr. Janet Woodcock from the FDA mentioned earlier that day about using Windows 2003. Dr. Bonnefoi then owns up and says he and collegues at Merck are still also using Windows 2003. Now I actually think he is refering to Microsoft Office 2003..but still..check out about 40 min into this video.

Not so sure this is a trivial issue.. using software nearly a decade old is one thing but is it also an indicator of the difficulties updating, or resistance to change. I know that its hard for me to update to new versions of modeling software due to the learning curve. Now if we migrated these researchers to mobile devices running software they need, would research be more efficient? I do think there is a hurdle here and yet we embrace mobile devices increasing out of work, is it just a matter of time before these devices we carry instilling change in these pharma and regulatory organizations?

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