I have seen the future – Solutions are more newsworthy than problems

A small thought has been burning away inside..I like many am profoundly interested in the future and in finding solutions to problems. This predominantly happens through collaboration. Collaboration which is a 2 way process. At the moment based on what makes news, developing solutions and solving problems is hardly news worthy. I have mentioned before how we and others raised the issue of the NCATs compounds without structures and then gone about collaborating to find the structures and put them in the public domain. The initial part, the problem of not having structures was seen as relatively newsworthy. Since our release of the molecules I wondered whether people have looked at the molecules besides ourselves, because this seems to have not been recognized. For example the NCATS webpage relating to the compounds still proudly portrays the molecule identifiers but no structures. This is still a problem because they have not responded to the many suggestions from the public to provide the structures. I think this is particularly important as crowdsourcing has pretty much solved the problem.

So this comes to the title of the blog. Looking into the future, what if solutions were created BEFORE people realized there was a “problem”. Essentially this is pre-empting customer needs. It appears to me that this is common sense. I would love to know what the top 10 problems in the drug discovery / informatics space (not currently recognized) are? I think there is an opportunity here to get the solutions out and that has to be important for pushing the field along and helping R&D.

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