Interpreting the whiteboards of an old GSK building

In my previous blog I described a visit to a former GSK building and included many images of the building. In addition I showed several photos of what appeared to be informatics related whiteboards. After time to reflect, analyze and digest them I have posted the slides on slideshare and figshare.

It appears they include details on preclinical and clinical informatics at GSK circa 2011. It is hard to tell whether this was a calculated decision of management to leave information on the whiteboards. But I would guess not. The removal of all whiteboard pens and erasers and pretty much anything else suggests the building was cleaned – but the whiteboards were not. This is also pretty clear because the more artistic designs are also left behind.

Obviously much of the building was not accessible on the tour and it appears the IT related offices made good use of the whiteboards.

I have to say, I went on the tour because of chance, an interest in architecture and a need for a break. What I left with were insights into a company and their use of IT and informatics that obviously is pretty close to home. A busmans holiday of sorts. I welcome any reinterpretation of the slides. I could be wrong and I accept that, so fire away!

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