Petition NCATS to release structures for library of Industry Provided Reagents

Going to stick my little neck out again. I am totally behind the idea of drug companies making their compounds available for researchers to find new uses for rare diseases. But I found out last week that NCATS had put a list of compounds and biologics on their website without releasing structures. This is absolutely nutty (by all means correct me). They release a lot of other data but no structures. If you have commercial databases you probably will be able to find the compounds after a bit of digging but WHY? I ask you.

Why might we want to see the structures? – how about using in silico tools to screen the compounds for new activities. Apparently this paper was available to the folks at NIH when they had the April 2011 roundtable..but I guess they forgot it. So by not providing the structures anyone who wants to do in silico screening is precluded from doing this for these compounds until they can spend a significant time digging them out of the literature.

We might also want to analyze their physicochemical properties to predict if the compounds even stand a chance of finding other activities,or targets,   for example lots of work on similarity analysis seems to be going on nowadays.

So Please! I call on everyone to suggest, petition, tweet, blog, whatever to NCATS (#NCATS) that if they do not make the compounds available I am sure other ways will be found to make them accessible.  This might just help the rare and neglected disease community besides a lucky few people who get grants to do yet more in vitro and in vivo testing. Wake up – in silico is cheaper and faster and just might find something valuable..but only if structures are provided.

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  1. cdsouthan says:

    I am of the same opinion and have commented as such in my own post ( I had not seen this so I will now add a link back to here)


    I have done some direct lobbying that I can discuss off-line

  2. Jeremy Berg says:

    I believe that a blogger has worked out all of the structures and linked them to the associated PubChem sites.


    1. sean says:

      Many thanks Jeremy, Chris Southan also commented..appears he only has some of them

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