Coming to grips with information overload – how ODDT has helped me

At the beginning of the year I was seriously grappling with information overload on rare and neglected diseases. Half way through the year here I am using ODDT to capture the information that is just “out there” waiting to be scooped up. Admittedly it is probably a tiny fraction of what there is but I can easily handle it .

Over the last few weeks I have tried to highlight the kinds of content that we have been able to view and curate in the app for a few of the diseases,  namely Sanfilippo syndrome and Tuberculosis. Now comes the latest installment for Malaria. There are some very significant efforts on open malaria research and this poster shows how the app is capturing tweets that link to some of this. I could imagine that as more researchers start tweeting links to their blogs with actual science experiments the app could be a very quick way to scroll through the data and summarize what is currently being done.

We recognize that ODDT may be a very early attempt to do for science what Flipboard has done for merging social media with public content feeds..and then go further with all the widgits we need – like structure handling.

More examples to come because so far I have covered just 3 of the topics in the App..Watch this space!

# update –now added a poster on green chemistry too.

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